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Fine Art Newport Beach is proud to announce Coagula Curatorial will be publishing a book of Jim Caron comics and art work from over the last 15 years or so. Coagula Curatorial will also be having a show of Jim's ink Drawings this June 9th, 2012 at Mat Gleason's gallery, Coagula Curatorial in Downtown Los Angeles.


Fine Art

Fine Art Oil Painting by Jim Caron"PARADISE PATH "

Fine Art Oil Painting on Canvas by Jim Caron

animated gifs by Jim Caron

An experiment of artistic expression based on the internet - our current selection.

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artoils on canvasFine Art : Definition

Fine Art Painting by Jim Caron

------Fine Art Oil Painting

The definition of a Fine Artist is someone who brings a new vision to the world. A Fine Artist may be a craftsman or craftswoman, a compulsive creator with good content or someone beyond the definition of what we presently understand, especially as new mediums make themselves known and legitimate parts of the Fine Art World.

Fine Art Newport Beach is dedicated to bringing you an artist who has a new vision and we have been fortunate enough to bring some of his work to the public. Jim Caron has been the cartoonist for Coagula Art Journal since the mid 1990's and has also established a reputation in the Fine Art world with paintings and drawings indicative of his style.

Fine Art Newport Beach lives with the art we have acquired and know what it is like to have a piece of true Fine Art in your home. A Fine Art piece is something you live with every day and see something new in it each time you gaze at it. This is the kind of work we have sought out and it reflects our own values in acquiring and living with the kind of art that enhances our lives and creates a legacy for our own existence.

Fine Art Newport Beach.

Jim Caron Fine Artist
Jim Caron

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